Who We Are

Our Struggle With Hair Loss

Hi! My name is Farid, and I am 32 years old. Since I was 24 or 25 years old, I have been suffering from hair loss. I even started balding. I started trying many things to prevent hair fall and grow new hair in bald areas. I started using many shampoos, conditioners, oils, and cosmetics. But it does not stop the hair loss but keeps growing. I also visit a skin care specialist and take medications as per their advice. It doesn’t work either. But I couldn’t get advanced treatment due to lack of money. I have followed the less expensive ways.

After my marriage, my wife ‘Mahua’ wanted very much to get rid of my hair loss problem and grow hair in bald areas. So that I can have beautiful hair again. She also had a minor hair loss problem but she grew new hair naturally. That is why there was no lack of hair on his head. However, we both focus on natural hair care. We understand from our experience, researchers, and expert advice that only natural hair care and body care can solve this problem.

Our Solutions

First, we avoid all chemical cosmetics and medicine and start taking care of the body and skin in a natural way. Avoid foods that are harmful to the body and skin and start taking nutritious foods with vitamins that are beneficial for hair. We try to give up harmful habits for body, skin, and hair and at the same time, we try to develop beneficial and good habits. Tried to keep anxiety and stress away.

We start looking for organic products and use good quality organic or natural products.

What we have done the most is to make a variety of DIY hair packs at home with various natural ingredients that are beneficial for hair and scalp and use them regularly. Along with that, I have regularly eaten nutritious, balanced food with beneficial vitamins for hair.

Within a few days, we noticed that our steps were working very well. Within about 1 year, my hair loss stopped 95%, and new hair started growing. I am very hopeful that I will soon grow more new hair and that it will grow back and regain the beauty of my lost hair. Also, my wife has thicker, darker, healthier, and shinier hair.

Join Us

I understand that hair loss is a difficult issue for both men and women. If we don’t have hair on our heads, society looks at us a little differently and sometimes underestimates us. A person without hair loses self-confidence and tries to hide themselves from society. It has many negative effects on his personal, family, social, and professional life.

So my wife and I have decided to share with you all the knowledge, research, experiences, and steps we have gained from the beginning of my hair loss problem to baldness and various attempts to prevent it. We will gain more knowledge and experience about the ways to prevent this problem, and through that, we will try to eliminate our own problems and write about them. So that you can also know about this with us and solve your own problems.

From this thought, we created a blog website called ‘FloraTress’ with our tagline ‘Natural Hair Care’. Join us on this journey to get rid of all hair problems get healthy, happy hair, and indulge in nature’s goodness.